College of Medical Physics of India

Maintaining standard in the practice of medical physics in human healthcare programme is one of the important components towards the fulfillment of objectives of medical imaging and radiation therapy.

Certification of medical physicists is therefore necessary to satisfy the objectives of medical applications of ionizing radiation. This is particularly very important in the era of use of ultra-tech medical imaging and therapeutic equipment in highly advanced imaging and therapeutic techniques.

To meet this important requirement, the Association of Medical Physicists of India (AMPI) constituted its autonomous scientific/educational wing, the College of Medical Physics of India (CMPI), to initiate the evaluation and certification programme for the qualified medical physicists. In addition, the college has also been entrusted to formulate the policy of accreditation of education and training centres in the country.

In the Indian scenario, a Medical physicist is mainly involved with the application of medical physics principles and techniques for treatment and diagnosis of cancer and the protection of the patients, staff and members of the public from ionizing radiation hazards.

The mission of the CMPI is therefore to serve the public and the medical profession by certifying that its members have acquired, demonstrated, and maintained a requisite standard of knowledge in medical physics and demonstrated the competence required for the practice of Diagnostic Imaging, Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Physics.